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nordtrom has a half yearly. macy’s an anniversary. tiersha and josh’s first year anniversary shoot inspired an idea: the kamee june anniversary sale (it’s not quite my anniversary, but it’s never a bad time for any kind of celebration or sale,right?)

thanks to tiersha and josh for inspiring the idea! we got together a few weeks ago to celebrate their first year!! it was so good to catch up and hear their stories. i loved being a part of their wedding; it was so neat to be a part of their first year!

in honor of them, and all anniversaries here’s the big sale:

a 1-2 hour session with kamee june at a location of your choice (orange, riverside, la, or san diego counties), EVERYTHING from the shoot will come to you on a dvd (full rights and full resolution), AND you can choose to have your favorite 5 images included with full artistic edits (perfect for the christmas card!!) all for $550.00 (plus tax). i can’t even calculate the savings; they are so GREAT! this sale is coming at you in perfect time for your holiday portrait needs, and any early christmas shopping you want to do (photographs make the best gifts, ever! remember this covers the shoot and their purchase order: you/they get everything we shoot!!!) the sale lasts for the month of september! it ends on september 30th, but the coupon can be redeemed for up to a year!! now that’s a sale! 😉 email me at to book your session with the anniversary sale. OR you can book the deposit here, pay the remainder the week we shoot, OR purchase the whole certificate now!!


kamee june anniversary sale


and i owe the inspiration all to these two!! thank you tiersha and josh! thanks for inspiring me and for touching my heart again with your friendly attitudes and mellow-low key spirits!! congratulations on your first year, and thanks for sharing its celebration with me!! much love to you both!!

t and j, may all your years be filled with love and laughs!! so good seeing you!!