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i always thought it was a little funny when parents said things about eating their children. you know, like, “she is so sweet, i could eat her up!” or “i just want to eat you; i love you so much!” it is still a little strange when i really think about it. we want to eat them? i know. it’s all figurative, but still. i am guilty too. larkin is so chubby juicy that sometimes i just want to nibble on her, but i wouldn’t really. anyway, you get it. it takes me off guard a bit, but i still love to say it just because it is, well, just kind of funny!!

this baby is delicious! yum! when i see her i do feel like snacking!!


and… yum? i won’t tell you if he ate it or not!! i’ll leave that up to your imaginations and juvenile taste buds of boogers long gone.


more to come from my mini shoots in a series of mini posts!

in fact, each time i post a mini post if you leave some love your name will go into my bag for a giveaway i am having, my very first in fact!! it is going to be something really delicious you won’t want to miss out on and will be perfect for the holidays. there will be several mini-posts coming soon. if you are the first to post, your name will automatically go into the drawing. if you post after then i will drawn a name, at random, from the rest of the post’s commenters to go into the big pile! make sense? basically, leave some love when you see a mini post and you could by chance be the recipient of something really delicious!! oh, and this post counts!! get to commenting! ps there are about 7 (maybe a few more) mini posts, so lots of chances to win; your name can go in multiple times, and the title of the post will always have something to do with “mini”. have fun and happy commenting while enjoying some fun family moments and portraits.