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the power of the compliment, for both the giver and the receiver is really quite significant. complements make us feel accomplished, happy, accepted, appreciated, noticed, and loved. giving them also provides a sense of well-being.  i like to play a game with myself to see how many compliments i can give others each day. the rules are pretty basic: give honest and sincere compliments to at least three people (three is usually the minimum), and one of those people always has to be a stranger (so basically someone i see at target, since that is where i go almost every day). the compliment can be on anything, but it has to come from the heart and really be something i think and notice. i especially love sharing  a compliment when my kids are around; gunnar is starting to play the game too.

kamee to stranger, usually at target: “i love your shoes. where did you find them? did you buy them this season? tell me they still have them! they are fantastic and look great with your outfit.”

the lady smiles and thanks me for my compliment, and before we turn the corner gunnar offers one of his own:

gunnar: “yea, and you look like optimus prime.” which to to him is a total compliment. in his four-year old mind being called a machine that turns into a monster, i mean, a defender of the world, is a supreme compliment.

i quickly cover with, “and your children are adorable, absotlutely adorable…” 

the photography business lends itself to compliments, both giving and receiving, all the time. i am so thankful to everyone who has loved, supported, and encouraged me with my photography journey. your compliments through comments, email, text, facebook messages, even snail-mail always make me feel validated and very special. thank you for being so good to me. 

i think in terms of a photography business there are four great compliments:

1. scheduling a session with me in itself is compliment alone. i geniunely feel honored when a family, couple, etc. chooses me. thank you.

2. emails sharing how priceless the photographs are: “i couldn’t stop looking at them.” “i stared crying when i saw my family together so happy.”  “you have frozen in time how i see the ones i love.” “i will treasure these forever.” “is that really what we look like? damn!! we’re beautiful!” (love that one!!) all words that make me get a little emotional and feel all sorts of giddy thinking i helped create those feelings in others.

2. sharing my contact information with friends. referrals are some of the coolest compliments. i love to hear that other clients referred me. it just. warms. my. heart. 😉

3. returning clients. it is so neat to see repeat visitors or have repeat clients book a year out. it really does mean a lot. i know there are several photographers to choose from, and when clients return to me it makes me feel special, and like i did a good job for them, and that they were happy with the experience and the product.

thank you to all of you who have complimented me in some way; i am so thankful for all of your love and support, encouragement and friendship.

it is also so fun to see clients i have photographed before because i enjoying seeing growth and change. i also love catching up on their stories!! it’s cool to see how much babies and older siblings have grown and the milestones they have met since our first shoots, and to see how much in love the parents still are after another year or more of marital bliss.;)

this is one of my favorite images. i shot it over a year ago when drake was just a new baby.


the have grown so much. seriously. isn’t it amazing to just consider?



IMG_7910drakeybandwblogi have a few compliments of my own for this darling family, who i am very fond of.

jereme and tiffany, your children are a credit to both of you. it is easy to tell the children who spend quality time with their parents; yours are an obvious indicator that you are investing a great deal in them. they will bless your name and bless your family for the sacrifices you are making for them.


YOU. ARE. GORGEOUS. PEOPLE. when god made you he passed out a whole lot of gorgeous and attractive to your family. he passed out so much of it to you all that the people in line behind you had to settle for pretty, handsome, and really, really nice, all because he gave so much gorgeous and handsome to you guys.



you know you are so blessed and have been given so much, but there is such humility in your hearts and home. you realize the importance of family and have made sacrifices to maintain it as a fundamental in your life.





tiffany, i could hang out with you all day, and want to hang out all day the next day too. you have so much charisma and personality. i also love how fast our minds go when we are together trying to catch up on everything, but our mouths just can’t communicate it fast enough. you are charming on so many levels and are absolutely mesmerizing to admire:



together you are the perfect mixture of calm with charisma, pensive with personality, spontaneity with sexy:





you are the family every girl dreams of having someday: so playful, but still safe and centered. you are the neighbors we all hope to have. you are the couple everyone appreciates because your love always feels fresh and alive.




you are the perfect compliments to one another:



tiffany, jereme, stella, and drake, thank you so much for all the love you share with me, all the interest you take in me and my little family, and all the compliments you always give; i am so grateful for you all. can’t wait to see you all again, kamee