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i am fascinated by the ironies of life.

my dad is a retired air force colonel. that means, basically, we moved every 2-4 years of my youth. it was easy when i was little, but became more difficult the older i got. you would think, due to my upbringing, that change would be something i embrace, wholeheartedly. it’s not. at all. it’s acutally, really, super, almost painstakingly hard for me. ironic right?

several years ago i was struggling with some big change, i don’t recall what it was now, but it was big, and i was having a hard time. my parents gifted me  a book, who moved my cheese by dr. spencer johnson, in hopes that it would ease the change pains. it’s good, and makes some great points all through the little story of two little mice who seek after cheese. essentially it’s an analogy that likens change in business, relationships, and life in general to cheese: having cheese makes you happy, the more important your cheese is to you the more you want to hold on to it, smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old, move in the direction that helps you find new cheese, when you move beyond your fear you feel free, imagine yourself finding new cheese before you find it; that will lead you to it, the quicker you let go of old cheese the sooner you will find new cheese, it is safer to search in a maze than stay in a cheese-less situation, old beliefs do not lead to new cheese, when you see that you can find and enjoy new cheese you change, of course, and noticing small changes early helps to adapt to larger changes later on. if you ever hear me refer to cheese in relation to change, now you will know why. 😉

i have been feeling for a while that i needed to make a few changes to my little business. it’s growing (i am so grateful to all of you for making that a reality!! thank you!!), the cheese is moving…

several of the speakers i listened to at the photography convention i attended in february, wppi, continually mentioned two things that resonated with me: clients need to have a strong sense of who you are from the second they land on your page, and they need to be able to feel your style just by looking at your photographs. i knew i needed to make some changes; i needed to make them to help my little biz continue to reach higher potentials…the cheese had been moved and my current cheese, although successful for the past journey needed an update, something more cohesive with my look, and the look of my style!!

the changes aren’t super-ultra significant right now: more sophisticated coloring relating more to my style: classic and contemporary, with a couture client experience, and hopefully the new banner gives readers and potential clients an immediate sense of who i am as a person and a creative. the big cheese, the big change: i am running through the maze chasing it. it will come hopefully in november of this year if not early 2012; it’s going to be good, really good!

there are also some changes that are happening on the back end of the business! after booking a wedding or a session with me, something really, really cool comes in the mail! 😉 book a session, or your wedding to see!! 😉

i’m anxious, by nature. change only hightens those feelings that i have inherently, but i do believe in progress and growth and know that it take a bit of an uncomfortable stretch to make those two things happen. i believe in the beauty that change can bring; that’s what i am currently anticipating!

thank you, again, from my heart to everyone who believes in me and supports my dreams and goals! thank you to everyone who stops in on my blog each day and shares a bit of their time and heart with me! thank you, to everyone, who has ever or will ever allow me to be a part of celebrating their special times and making memories with my camera. thank you for sharing the change and the journey!!

thank you also to the creative team who helped build the new color scheme and all the hair and make up, the connection with my style and catch phrase, the new photographs, (it’s hard having pictures taken of yourself and then launching them as your header, but i am following sound advice…), and all the back end surprises( thank you amanda). and all the friends who listened as i hemmed and hawed…;)

here’s to this change. i am glad i sought after it, moved when i felt i needed too, and am excited to enjoy some new cheese, until the big one, arrives, then i start moving on to the cheese after that one…

thank you again to everyone for being so supportive and wonderful to me; i am grateful!!


audrey said it herself, “nothing is impossible, the word itself is i’m possible!”