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if i could tell her anything it would be this:

you are on the brink of a new world. everything you could possibly want or need or feel or believe is at your finger tips. whatever you want to accomplish or dream will happen if you work. belief in yourself and a power greater than you will always see you through. remember your people, that they love you for you! you control the destiny of your life.

don’t be afraid to share and make yourself vulnerable. don’t worry about what others think; who cares about them? don’t live for any other moment expect the one you are currently living.

you are a gift; shine on!

dance like no one is watching. read books like it’s going out of style. listen to your friends with your ears and your heart. smile even when it hurts. put one foot in front of the other.

live. love. experience. feel. believe.

that’s what i’d tell her…if i knew she was listening.

eden, i’m so happy for you! congratulations on all of your accomplishments and successes. there are so many more that await! remember what it told you; it’s so important! this time, right now, is about YOU! much love to you and the class of 2011!! cheers, kj