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there was a break in the rain so we ran for it. we tried to go underground but the trains were out! so we went to the surface again to try and find taxis, by this time the rain was starting up again, and by the time we all got in our cabs it was pouring!!! we told the cabbie to take up to the brooklyn bridge, because we were going to shoot it no matter what!!

kellie shot these images of our trip to the bridge. i was too car sick to turn around to get one myself!! (crazy cab driver) it gives you a pretty good idea of what we were working with!

when we got to the bridge we realized it just wasn’t going to happen. the wind had picked up and the rain was just too inconsolable. and we ran the risk of our model being picked up and washed into the hudson, seeing as she only weighs a buck 10!! 😉

the point? you can make beauty happen even if it’s raining and you are wet to your britches, if you really want to and everyone involved shares your vision! i am so glad everyone that day did!!

i adore this one. just something about it:

it was just getting too cold. so we took it underground.

to get the blurry effect here breath on your lens:

this one was not meant to be blurry, but once i saw it, i was so glad it was! i love it!! it’s one of my favorites!!

if the taxi made me sick, you better believe shooting in a moving train did a number on my stomach as well! 😉 i just couldn’t stop though; i pleaded for a few more frames when we got off the train, because i saw the tile, and i couldn’t resist:

the rain died the next day, but as far as i was concerned it had stopped still, there wasn’t even a pitter pat.

thank you again to anne and her man! you two were so great to work with! i know we had you out in the cold and wind, but you were so good to allow us to continue shooting!! thank you for your help and kindness!

to katrina for all the styling genius!

to kellie for enduring the rain with a laugh!!

and once again to olivia for sharing her apartment with us for the first portion of the shoot; we were appreciative!! thank you!!

and to the city of new york, i love you even when you are raining!!!