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it’s been busy in my little world: my summer writing class just wrapped up it’s second session; i had a lot of essays to proof, but enjoyed being with those students and in the classroom again. now i switch to private tutoring which keeps me occupied a few nights a week. gunnar is in full swing with school, that means we are trying to be good about a schedule, and getting homework, yes, homework done on time. we made a quick trip to arizona to visit family and for some photo work. we have had some company come and go, and are expecting more this weekend.

one of the biggest things to happen…

my baby turned one.




thank you for the tu-tu Kate. i dress her in it all the time, even if we are only going to target. it is darling and perfect for her; thank you.

last week i had the opportunity to help with a friend’s photography workshop. it was busy helping with the back end of a workshop, and making sure everything was working in my home-shop while i was gone, but i learned so much and loved being around such creative and talented artists, and also listening to someone i feel is so gifted at what she does. 

a few more from the mock wedding jessica set up for everyone to practice with:



my camera and i have been busy lately too.

i photographed a sweet family with a new “fuss bag.” (they called her that. so i guess i can too. 😉 i know what it is like to have a tough baby…so hard.) she doesn’t look like a fuss bag right? she turned on the charm for our shoot and made liars out of her parents. 

i really can’t wait to share more of this sweet little family and their before and after journey. i truly enjoyed my time with them; it was so nice to be together again.



had an engagement session recently too. i wish every saturday had an engagement session just like this one.

haley and matthew were so easy to photograph and such fun to be around; felt like old friends catching up and celebrating their up-coming wedding.

i am so happy for these two.



another rad family shoot. makes me smile thinking about it. 


don’t tease alex (sweet, sweet, little boy on the right) about his smile. that’s really it, and i really love it!


and an awesome, awesome, to- die- for, cravings maternity shoot.


it wasn’t all about the cravings, but rather all about this gorgeous expectant mother and lady.


my folks are due in town tomorrow. you know what that means? a little b.r.e.a.k. i love it when the grandparents come. so do my kids. they are coming because jaren and i are headed up north for a wedding and a little r and r. i am taking a small break from blogging for a bit while i am gone, but will be back with more from these shoots, the grandparent’s visit (we are surprising my mom with something so awesome for her birthday tomorrow), our northern adventures, and a month filled with halloween tricks and treats. 

be back soon. xxxooo kj