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i took my parents to the airport this afternoon. i was sad to see them go. my kids were too. they had a great visit with grandma and grandpa. listen to this: my dad saved the chicken bones from dinner one night, strategically “buried” them in the backyard and then took gunnar digging for “dinosaur bones” the next day. no wonder he didn’t want them to go home today; they did fun things like that every minute while we were gone.i love that they made all those priceless memories together.

jaren and i “dug up” some much needed rest and time together. alone.

the wedding we attended still has all my senses drugged; it was out-of-this world phenomenal- perhaps the wedding of the year, maybe even the decade. it honestly felt like a small sliver of heaven; it was that perfect. this is all i have left of it besides what will permanently reside in my memory: my day-after bride’s maid bouquet.


jaren and i spent some time in san fran before we needed to hop our flight home. i missed my babies but it was so nice to just be able to reconnect, hold hands, laugh at silly things and each other, and enjoy us, originally. that day was almost as beautiful to me as the wedding we attended. 



a postcard for everyone…


and a souvenir tank top:


and a paper bag of delicious salt-water taffy:


would you believe we didn’t eat any sea food? i know. the nerve of visiting fisherman’s wharf and not partaking in its notoriety. we saw it though. and sure smelt it.


and a quick shout out we found for our baby. jaren offered to shimmy up the pole, and get me the sign. i told him next time. late at night. with our dark clothes on, and shoe polish on our faces. and if they catch us we can do a small stint in alcatraz.


it feels good to be home.