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i head home today, this evening. i have missed my man and the littles, but have also enjoyed the quiet (funny, right? vegas isn’t that quiet!), and the time to be inspired and get some work done without distractions. i have also really enjoyed meeting up with friends and meeting friends, in general.

yesterday i was able to attend dane sander’s platform on the anatomy of a creative. everything i heard resonated with who i think i am as, well, a creative. those of you who read my blog know how fascinated i am by time. lately i have been considering how i spend mine. it has been a sobering awakening. dane shared today, “you must be faithful to who you were made to be while simultaneously doing what matters most.” imagine 2 hours of genius like that. i cried. (not the whole time and not hysterically like they needed to give me oxygen or something, but softly, you know? like when you watch the hallmark commercial and your heart warms and your eyes well. that type of crying. my nose might have dripped a little bit. just a one saw.) and that’s just me sharing my truth right now. so much of what he discussed touched so much of the spirit of what i believe and who i am. he read this quote from mark twain, “most men die at 27…we just bury them at 72.” we get so caught up, most of the time in the trivial, that we forget to live. i am  a huge advocate of carpe diem, seizing the day, embracing the experience, the opportunity, life. what are you doing right now to show you are living? this whole experience at wppi has been an opportunity for me; it has rekindled in me the urgency for living that i have always believed in.

i am so grateful to have been a part of it.

just a few images from last night’s “living”.

my super fun, ultra talented, and genuinely good and nice friend kellie carter. check out her work, you will fall in love with the artist and the talent!!

photo5blogi wish this girl lived next door.

photo6blogmany of you will remember diana. we were able to meet up again too. she is one of the sweetest people. ever. she is launching something new soon!!! can’t wait for it! until then follow her sweetness here.


and this is some crazy lady who couldn’t figure out how to play the slot machines. she was weird.



really weird. but she looked like someone who knew how to appreciate time, and how to live.


diana and kellie and all my other friends, thank you for making this experience so memorable. i am grateful for your presences in my life. i believe in all of you and your dreams, and i believe in me, too.

good bye las vegas. see you soon. kj