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just started a new challenge with my friend to blog something every day! we’ll see how i do. 🙂

i have had a really great last couple of days. i assisted at a wedding with jessica claire in albany,  new york where we shot the new mr. and mrs. jp elario’s wedding. i can’t even describe to you what i saw and experienced; it was, to quote my new new york friends, “off the hook!!!!!” have been singing jay-z and alicia’s song ever since, “in new york….” as soon as jessica delivers the full post i will add a few of my images here. 😉 hang on tight! you won’t believe it!

now i am in las vegas at wppi. this will sound cheesy ball-y, but i have been to three classes so far and have gotten a little emotional in all of them! feeling so inspired!!! love it here. love the energy. love the friends i have connected with and the new friends i am meeting. already planning next year.

i have all my equipment and have a million muses to shoot but i haven’t taken a single picture. (didn’t bring anything to download with anyway…)

i called home this am to check on everyone. talked to gunnar for 10 seconds, “i want you a come back. what you bringing me mom?” i see how it is…

since posts are always better with something visual i included only one of these. it is from a while ago at another wedding i assisted with jessica claire. it was gorgeous. they were gorgeous. i love weddings.

ps don’t even have my watermarks here. so i improvised!!

love from lv, kj