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my friends and i used to joke about how we had an “eating license” when we were pregnant. that’s at least what i would tell myself…

it was a tricky time for me, being pregnant. i had to eat to make myself not feel sick and the only thing that made me feel better was carbs and then i started to feel like i was adding insult to injury and work to the post process. my doctor told me that it wasn’t time to worry about me but time to worry about the baby; that was comforting, on a certain level. i loosened up a lot with my second, and realized that it was only temporary and that it was ok if i was watching my weight go up steadily at each appointment as long as it was for the “good” of my unborn.

ironically enough as a mother’s weight reduces after baby is born, the weight of baby is watched carefully. mommy wants to lose it and the parents want the baby to gain it. 😉 weight isn’t the only thing that increases rapidly in a new born child. it’s incredible to me the growth that takes place both internally and externally in the first year of life.

my friends shannon and brian are “weighting” (i love a good pun :)) to watch their last baby be born and grow and fall right into place in their family.


i am excited to meet him too. he is going to be handsome; just like the rest!! 😉

shannon and bri have a lot going on right now: a move to a new house (down the street; thank goodness!!), schedules to keep up (kindergarden and preschool should be considered part-time jobs), parties to plan (shannon has a small business; if you need help planning a party she is your girl. she has kept the pace lately planning showers and birthdays;i thought i was crazy busy! ;)), and packing boxes and signing papers to move into a new house were they will make a safe place to watch their three boys grow!

i know she is so busy. i also know she thinks about this new baby just like she did the others. i also know she already loves him with all her heart.




and right now she has an eating license!! so eat up shan! 😉 you have a few more weeks to not worry about watching the weight!! it will go away. i know you. i know how determined you are. i also know the competitive spirit you have that pushes yourself to get what makes you feel accomplished! for now, eat some more ice cream! 😉


i am so grateful for my friend shannon. she has done so much for me. i appreciate her openness and honesty and am grateful that she listens and understands. her children are lucky to have her the ones already here and the one waiting to come:



their family will be complete with the birth of this last little. and i would bet dollars to doughnuts that baby brother looks like brian; they all seem to follow his genes. sorry shan. 😉 you know i understand! 😉





shannon, brian, and boys, we are so excited to “watch” the family grow! we are here for you; you know that! looking forward to all the memories we will make! love you guys! kam


shout outs to katrina for doing shannon’s hair and make up. and my friend julie for being a part of this shoot. like always, it was a pleasure working with both of you; i LOVED it!!