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i love wedding vows. love them. they are so sweet to me. at every wedding i shoot, no matter the vows, i get emotional: my heart wells in connection with my eyes. it, for sure, is one of the most sacred parts of the entire day. i love the promises made on a wedding day.

a few months ago i witnessed a ceremony that really touched me. the officiant asked the attendees of the wedding who, themselves, was married. several people raised their hands. he asked, “isn’t it beautiful? isn’t it so special to be married?” everyone nodded and snuggled closer to their loves. then he said, “raise your hand if you think marriage is easy. raise your hand if you think being married is a piece of cake.” hands stayed in laps. he smiled.i did too. so did the bride and groom. “being married is a lot of work. it’s hard, and it presents unique challenges as you start to traverse life’s road with someone else!” he then encouraged everyone in attendance to be ready and willing to help the bride and groom “through good times and bad, in sickness and health…” “even though marriage is beautiful and a gift from god, it still can be difficult. this couple might call on some of you to help them at certain times. please do so. as they are about to make promises to each other, please, in your hearts, make promises to support, and love, encourage, and help this couple as they start, and live their life together…are all of your willing to do that? be the people these two can turn to? please say, i do…” the congregation echoed… I DO!!! and i started crying. good crying. i was just overwhelmed at the support this couple had as they were starting their commitment together.

marie and dave are getting ready to make special promises to each other. they know what they are starting is going to require work, and they also know that they have a love for one another that is non-paralleled. she loves him the most in this world, and he feels the same about her.

hans margolius shared, “two people that belong together make a world.” marie and dave are going to make a beautiful world together. one built on hard work, respect, mutual interest, but mostly love. i also know they will be surrounded by people who love and support them, who will help them as they live their life together!!

i am grateful to be able to be a part of the celebration of their worlds uniting!! it’s going to be so beautiful!!




















marie and dave, may the world you build be as good and as nice as your are! so happy to be a part of your wedding and all of it’s celebrations!! cheers to you both! kj