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she packed hers, and moved away. took everything and followed her heart. her heart told her it was time, time for change, something new, and a great life defining adventure.




kara has always been someone special to me. we have become great friends since the days she was a student in my english class. i didn’t see her as much as i would have liked when she lived 45 minutes away, but i still feel a void knowing she is 4.5 days away now. like all those who love her i too want her happy and protected. she is such a good person with a warm and kind heart. she deserves to be given so much love in return for what she shares with others.

i am certain her heart is safe with kyle.









change is good. we all know that. it can be hard, (it happens to be one of my biggest fears) but when we get over the initial shock of newness, there can be a great empowerment that comes with the growth and progression that change brings.

these two are going to enjoy this change, and all the time they get to be consistently together. i am sure of it!! we will miss having you close, but know you are doing what is best for your lives, and, that, makes me happy!!



favorite shot from the set:



speaking of change, there are going to be some around this place too. just subtle ones, but some changes none the less, and some big ones, hopefully within the year or at the start of 2012!! things are definitely happening around the kamee june neighborhood too. it’s time to pack things away in my business suitcases and bring out some newness! hang tight; it’s coming! 😉

kara, i love you very much, and i wish you all the good this world has to offer. kyle, i am fond of you. too. 🙂 ps your sunglasses are coming; i promise!! pps thanks for sharing a “last supper” with us! i hope you never look at breakfast the same way again!!! much love to you both. when you are in town, dinner again? 😉 xoxoxo kam