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summer is here and that means travel! 😉 my schedule is filling, but i wanted to let friends in utah, colorado, and arizona (or neighboring states) know i will be in the area and will be available to kick it, if you want to talk shop, or free to shoot, if you are having a baby, just had one, are getting married, just did and want to shoot some after stuff, have kiddos that need up-dated portraits, or want to get a jumpstart on your christmas card by shooting your family portraits during the summer while everyone is tan and healthy.

here’s the schedule. fire me off an email (click on contact above) and we will set something up!!


july 19th-29th


september 3rd-6th

and ARIZONA, SEDONA actually:

october 6th-11th

and just for fun, a few of my favorite-EVER, one of the best-muses-EVER, raddest summer-time-EVER images:






email me; i would love to spend some time with you this summer. xo kj