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this is how we ended the shoot: the newlyweds walked amorously off into the sunset. how idyllic could we possibly be?


and right before they walked off into the sunset, guess what we did? totally thrashed the dress, and i loved it! this image was supposed to be saved for a blooper reel, but i thought i’d just get it out there right now and show you the end at the beginning…rad, huh?


anna and ben were married in january in the dead of winter in the frigid of utah. unfortunately, there was drizzle, drab skies, and dreadful temperatures. the drizzle lead to limp hair and leaky make up, the drab skies spurred-on darkish photographs, and the dreadful temperatures made for insincere smiles and poses. the couple decided they would create their own “retake” day. when anna approached me about pictures and shared what they were interested in, i became consumed with the shoot. what a great idea: wedding photographs without the stress of the wedding. that in itself makes for sunshine, clear skies, and gorgeous temperatures. needless to say, i was thrilled when their shoot day arrived; it was just as much fun as i knew it would be and anna and ben are so blissfully in love that being with them, and celebrating their wedding, 7 months later, was a total pleasure.



i really enjoy the newlywed vibe. it is so refreshing. two people found each other in this big, big world and decided they wanted to traverse its rocks and swells together, realizing that no one but the other could bring as much happiness to his spirit, and no one but the other could make her heart spill with such decadent joy.

IMG_1432skipblogIMG_1042skaterblogIMG_0730tobelovedblogwhen i really consider it, i mean, really, really, really ponder it, it is one of the coolest things, to be loved, and to know you are loved. it brings so much understanding to know someone will always be there when your heart is hurting, or when you have need to celebrate, or when you want to be quiet, or when you want to shout out loud. loving and being loved and feeling all those feelings is a gift. a really cool one. 







there smiles and laughter were so genuine, so tender and real. their love is in its purest form, and that’s where it needs to be- to start. now the love levels begin and deepen as they work through their sweets and sours. while we were shooting i was watching ben: he listened extra closely when anna talked; he took her hand as she crossed the street; he kissed her like it was the first kiss each time their lips met. this is true love: listening, protecting, and nurturing.

he also told me he wanted a lot of pictures of anna; he said that’s how it should be. i loved that, was touch, and totally obliged.


the eternal bride, anna:





after spending time with them i felt i needed to tell those closest to me that i love them, that they are special to me, and that i am grateful for their presence in my life. it was obvious these two tell each other and show each other often:


anna and ben, may you enjoy the ebb and flow of marriage. may your heart always swell with joy for the other, and may you always chase the splashes… 


and may you love each other more today than you did yesterday. thank you a thousand times over for this opportunity; i am so grateful. xoxo kj