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i used to tell my students that high school was a microcosm of life, that even though they graduate there will still be incidences, moments, even full experiences that will be just like high school. i am going to write a very long, and intelligent paper on it someday, right after i write the one about how i don’t think harry potter is that great of a wizard, i digress…back to the matter at hand. since i feel high school is a microcosm of life it is only appropriate that i would categorize people i meet, friends, even family into superlatives. like my friend, katrina. she, is most popular girl. everything about her is rad: she has a hot career, a super hip wardrobe, a non-paralleled sense of style, an amazing ability to love all people, she is a gifted designer both with paper and fabric, she loves her man and children more than anything, is athletic, and totally balanced and confident in her own skin. that’s why she gets most popular girl. when i talk about her sometimes i will even say, “katrina, most popular girl, did the nicest thing for me today…” i will tag superlatives on, all the time, in normal conversation. now don’t get nervous wondering what superlative i have given you; they are all really nice. everyone gets a nice one. nobody has, “most likely to smell like cheese and pee on his 78th birthday.” or “most likely to rob a bank or the wal-mart.” no one gets those.  they are all good, nice, and fun.

this is joanna, sexiest, hottest, most beautiful girl.


seriously…she gets hottest girl. she also gets to be life’s prom queen. it seems to be the trend in high school now-a-days that the prom queen is usually a really well-rounded girl who has everything going her way: she stays out of trouble, does what she is told, gets really good grades, has friends on every social level, and just happens to be be stunningly beautiful. joanna, wins most likely to always be prom queen.


she also gets nicest girl. she is one of those people who hears of a need and immediately is there to help in any way she can; i love that about her. she cares, genuinely about people.


she and her husband, kevin, together win the superlative, cutest couple, most likely to stay married for eternity. when we started talking about pictures jo threw out that they were going to be a part of their 10 year anniversary celebration. they get couple, most likely to make it last.



jo, most likely to make you laugh in any situation, has a fantastic personality. i am smiling thinking about all the laughs we have had, and how quick and witty she is and how she just, “gets it”. her man, kev, has a similar personality. he is funny, in a really dry sort of way, and i think that is so cool. 

kev, most likely to own a football team, is good people too, and he was a good sport to make this photographic wish for his bride, most beautiful girl, come true.


kev and jo, most likely to bicker like an old married couple in one minute and be kissing in the next, are some of my favorite people.



they, most likely to always be invited to the party, are like magnets to each other and everyone else. it is hard to deny their current.





joanna also won the most votes in my cranium’s superlative tally for: most likely to have a way with her man.

could those expressions be any more priceless, from the tough football coach? do not direct his team members to this blog. besides, he is also, most likely to make you run, hard and long, for him, because he is the big football boss man and can make you run if he wants to make you run. so there.


they also win, most likely to wish you were them:



and they for sure, for sure, carry the superlative of most sincere, genuine, kind, happy, and thoughtful people.

joanna and kevin, may the next 10 years be voted, most likely another great 10 years of your life. thank you for the opportunity to photograph such a memorable time, and such timeless beauty and love. here’s to the next 10, kj