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i was inspired at every turn in new york city: the texture, color, flavor of the city, all of it mesmerized. there really is something magnetic about that place. what is it? there is just something different. maybe it’s the movement, the pulse, the energy, the baked good. 😉 i am not sure but i know i have an affinity for that place and everything that exists on the tiny island!

i have a special affinity for these two, also found in new york!! such charming people. i knew the second we met i was going to love them! so happy and smiley: my kind of people! they inspired me too. inspired me to walk with more spring in my step, to hold hands with someone (preferably special to me ;)) wherever i go, to steal a kiss whenever i want one (preferably from someone i want to kiss ;)), to laugh out loud, to try something new, to live in the moment, and to eat more delicious baked goods with good friends. 😉

bottom line: i’m so glad i met nat and nick.

they are such good people.

i’m am so happy for them!

congrats my friends!

thank you for inspiring me!!

love, absolutely, this image.

thank you again to nick and natalie for being so willing and so in love!

to katrina for working the hair, make up, and styling magic.

kellie for the love and support.

and yvonne for giving us the reason to be inspired in the first place.

love to you all!! here’s to being inspired, but whatever, or whomever it may be! 😉