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wanted to share the lovely we shot at the photoshop workshop i held earlier this month.

you enchanted yet? feeling calm? like you want to carry on? let’s do…

love the next three. so. much.

she is an enchantress. she had us all eating out of her palm for sure. had the light lasted we would have shot into the wee hours…

alyssa, no photoshop technique could make you more beautiful than you already are!!! 😉

so many people to thank:

amanda: thank you for being so constant and loyal! thanks for all the prep work, leg work, back end, front end and delicious dinner that added to my back end! 😉 all jokes aside, i am so grateful for all the spirit you add to all things kj. 😉

april: thank you for helping amanda get it all set up and for all the encouragement and friendship you offer me!

jessica: i loved all the “pretty” you added to the shoot! and your “keep calm and carry on” attitude; it was so good!!! thank you for all of the hair, make up, and wardrobe talents you shared!! excited for our next projects!!

maria: thanks for doing all the shopping! 😉 i knew you would come thru with excellent choices!! 😉 LOVED spending time with you too!! 😉

alyssa: YOU are so stunning!! thank you for being our model extraordinaire!! you were incredible!

and a big thank you to all of the photographers who came and added to the evening with their enthusiasm and passion!!

remember to carry on…you will find our sweet spot…keep calm; there will always be something to learn!! 😉

thank you again to everyone for a great evening!!