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tina has four of her six kids in braces. that right there should communicate plenty about her. her husband is serving in afghanistan and she is raising six children on her own. she works full-time, drives over-time, and sleeps none of the time. her life is like a tub of ping pong balls and she constantly holds them all down with a smile, charisma, and such a charming personality. she balances the world on her little finger. i am not sure how she does it all, but she does, and she manages to do it with tremendous amount of compassion and love for her family and those around her. for the years we have known her she has been one of our most fabulous friends, and from there came her nickname: t fab


her kiddos, her world, are pretty fabulous too. she has the type of kid everyone hopes to have someday: they all look you in the eye when talking to you, ask you questions about your life and family, make jokes, are smiley and happy. they are a total blessing to her and her name.


steve-o is heading to college soon. t fab is going to feel a loss; i know it. i also know she is proud and so happy for her son and all of his hard work and accomplishment.


kaden will feel a loss too. big bro  and best friend isn’t going to be around as much. that’s tough, but it won’t be long before they are living together, at school, again.

kaden is the chronic smiler. i LOVE it!!


crue is the middle man, but his spirit is strong and his humor is funny. i like him. very much.


t fab added two to her family since we met last. when we shot these was the first time i met donovan (such a great name). i can tell her adds texture and another color to this vibrant family.


and rosie. i love that name. it’s rosalynn actually, even better. so shakespearean and classic. she is such a love. good thing she’s around. t fab needs something to dress up besides herself every once in a while.



and the newest, yummiest, has fab-written-all-over-him addition? SUPPEERRRRR MAX!!



i used to always tell my students that my kids would be my opus: my greatest accomplishment. i know tina fabulous feels the same way.


and you tina, are a gift to this world. those who know you are lucky. those who feel of your spirit and love are grateful beyond belief. and you are beautiful. in every sense of the word.


and your family, is undeniably, special. 😉


i actually loved this one:


but this one, was for sure my fav. may you see how fabulous you are!!


t fab and fam, so happy we were able to reconnect. i love you all so much! may you continue to be one of the happiest families on the block!! much love to you, kj