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i love the name sarah. i always have. i just think it is classic, refined, beautiful and simplistic. that no one who is named sarah can do any wrong. i would love to name a child sarah, but a) i don’t know if i will birth any more children, and b) not sure if it works with gunnar or larkin; know what i mean? nonetheless, i still have an affinity for that name and interestingly enough, have an affinity for all sarahs, i have ever met. ever.

this sarah is on the brink of a new chapter. she is graduating next week from high school.


remember that time in your life? when the only thing that mattered was taking care of yourself. you weren’t selfish, but the only thing you needed to worry about was you? remember that time? it was so carefree, right? so liberating. so do- what- you- want- when- you- want. remember? those were good days. good times. not that the days got worse, they are still adventurous and bright and totally wonderful, but those days, the brink of college days, were especially good ones. sarah is getting ready to embrace them, and embrace them she will. because that’s just who she is.


sarah lives up to her name: classic, refined, beautiful and simplistic:




with a twist of spunk and individuality:


and a whole lot-a sass:




(i know this image is similar to the one above, but i loved them both and couldn’t decide on a fav; they both made the cut. ;))



i met sarah at the beginning of her senior year; we worked together on her college applications essays (i still keep my fingers in the teaching/writing pot. it’s just too much a part of me not to. ;)) i learned so much about her then, namely that she comes from a family who loves her , that she is grounded in herself and her belief system, that she sets big goals and achieves them, that she is reliable and trustworthy, and a very good friend.

jump ahead months, several months. sarah contacted me for her senior pictures and told me she wanted to bring her two besties along. I LOVED THE IDEA and thought that should always be included in the senior portrait session package, simply because friends, in high school, are such a tremendous factor in defining who you are as a person. it was really cool to see the dynamic of this friendship. i would have like to have been friends with these girls if i was still in high school. 😉





sarah is headed to smith. not sure how the all girls’ school is going to play out for this social butterfly. 😉 i do know she is going to be involved and a friend to everyone she meets. i also know she is going to grow in ways she didn’t even know she could.


sarah, may you always find laughter in everything you do. may you remember your positivity is one of your greatest strengths.


may you ride the waves that come with grace and perspective!


to all three of the sassies: one of my favorite author’s richard bach wrote, “don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. a farewell is necessary to meet again. and meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends.” may you always be close! may you always catch up at the beach each summer.

sarah, thank you so much for this opportunity. it was really cool. kind of like coming full circle!! i am thrilled for you. congratulations!! let’s here it for the class of 2010 and all it’s sass!!!