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jaren and i always laugh at that section in us weekly with the pictures of stars doing things “we” do, like getting coffee, listening to their ipods, jogging, walking their dogs, picking their noses, etc. it’s funny because, why wouldn’t stars do all those things? i mean, of course they do! just because you are jennifer aniston doesn’t mean you don’t put one leg in your pants at a time. or maybe she has a helper who does that for her, gets her dressed every morning. i don’t know, but nonetheless, we think that section is pretty hysterical, because in reality they are just people with well-known names and incredibly-sized pay checks. 😉

while shooting this session and thinking about hollywood and what it consists of i got to thinking about how some of the “famous-es” got to be famous. everyone had to start somewhere right? the more i thought about it the more interested i became in their humble beginnings, so i did some research and stumbled across some really great commercials; i am laughing now just thinking about them. really, no star is allowed a big head…not when you start with a heinz commercial. 😉 i surfed around a bit more and found some other interesting tid-bits:

amy adams, oscar nominated actress worked at hooters after graduating from high school and being discovered.

jessica alba started with ninetendo and jc penny commercials.

tim allen spent two years in prison for dealing cocaine before turning his life around!

kirstie alley was a contestant on two games shows before hitting it big.

jennifer anniston, before having people who put her pants on for her ;), was both a telemarketer and a waitress.

dan aykroyd was a mail sorted and had originally intended on being a catholic priest.

lucille ball worked in an ice cream shop; she was fired for forgetting to add the banana.

sandra bullock worked as a bar tender, a coat checker, and a cocktail waitress before her golden lights days.

whoppi goldberg worked as a bricklayer and a make-up artist at a funeral home.

brad pitt drove limousines and dressed as a chicken to entice people to eat at a certain mexican restaurant.

all real people, just like us. 😉

i wonder what write-ups there will be about michelle, a few years from now! 😉 what will be her “start”, and will she remember the rest of us as she is sitting at the academy awards? 😉 i hope so.

just like the rest of them (and all of us actually!!), michelle too, has a dream.


and she is going for it!


and i believe in her and her dreams.


michelle will be the actress cast because people will like her. she is going to be the one that is called-backed because she is memorable and makes you consider, whatever it is that needs considering. she also has enough energy, spunk, and pep to light up the hollywood sign herself!




i am excited for her. i love how she is embracing this adventure and walking boldly towards it without knowing what will happen next. she is prepared for all it might hold; i have everything crossed that is holds much success and that it fulfills her on every level!!






when michelle’s lucky stars start shining back at her i know she will remember her roots. i also know that when i see her in us weekly sipping on her diet coke with a ridiculous caption that reads, “they drink soft drinks.”, that she will still be as humble and as grateful as she was the day we met. i think she is going to add some grace back to the sparkle city!!


michelle, may your dreams come true! may you embrace the ups and downs that will come with the biz. may your first commercial be one that airs during the super bowl!! 🙂 so excited for you! good luck. i can’t wait for the day when i can say, “i knew her when…” 😉

much love and luck to you, kj