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we all have our gifts. mine has never been to turn down any type of carb,  refined sugar, or even a preservative. i like that stuff, a lot. 😉 i just try and eat it all in moderation, that seems to work for me. giving it up completely? impossible. i just don’t have the discipline, and i like all those things and the stuff they are found in way too much. HOWEVER, i have a huge respect for anyone who can give up anything and stick to it, in any arena, not just in diet. i just think the concept of being stronger than something else is really cool. like you are the boss of you not a sugar, or a habit.

jamie, knows all about good foods, how to incorporate them into a well balance diet, etc. it was fascinating talking to her. she currently is on a gluten free regimen. do you know how much food has gluten in it? almost everything we eat. if i were told was allergic to gluten it would be a death sentence. 😉 jamie is super educated though, she  nows her stuff and is an incredible resource in the health and nutrition field.

she is also very kind and soft spoken. it was nice to be with a mellow heart and spirit for a bit.


she is working on a new website filled with nutrition tips, how to’s, delicious and good- for- you recipes; it’s going to be really cool!!

even though she is slender and totally in shape she is still approachable and understanding. she will be able to help so many people since her heart knows no judgement.



she likes music too. she traveled to la for a concert, oh, and to visit ikea. music and affordable stuff, two other things she is in to. 😉





jamie, may you continue to inspire. may gluten-free continue to taste good. 😉 and may all of your future dreams and goals come to you!! thank you for the opportunity; it was so nice meeting you!!!! kj