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i recently read an article on another photographer’s blog about how inundated weddings have become with details. his thoughts basically were that the details seemed to have taken away from the major sentiment of the day: the couple and the whole reason the details were gathered: they fell in love. i wish i could remember where i read it to give credit. i love details as much as the next photographer, they are always so visually stunning, but i also feel that the main detail is, and always should be, the couple and a feeling that looks a little like this:

and this:

kiley and danny are getting married next week in seattle. it may rain, it may be dry. there will certainly be a dress, a suit, flowers, a venue, and other fancy details to photograph. i am excited about the opportunity, all of it, but mostly i am excited to spend a day, with their day’s, most. important. detail: them.
beautifully, romantically, and perfectly in love, them. there couldn’t be a finer detail.

kiley, you are going to make such a lovely bride:

and danny, a perfect prop or accessory! ;):

i am so looking forward to being surrounded all day by a love that looks and feels like this:

ahhhh…love this:

all of this:

kiley and danny, you are certain to be the most impressive detail of the day! i can’t wait for it!! see you in seattle next week! i can’t wait to feel it all; thank you for sharing it with me! much love to you both, kj