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i think the majority of us love this time of year for the basic reason that it sparks nostalgia. we love where it takes us: to the catacombs of our memories. i think that might be why i feel a certain pressure and responsibility to my children. i want them to consider their childhoods in technicolor! i want them to be filled with a rush of remembrance.

my friend and colleague, renee hindman, has been so good to remind me lately that the most important subjects i will ever photograph are my own children. i owe it to them, we all do, to document their lives in some way, so they have a record that helps spark this nostalgia i seek to create in all my portraiture!! renee and i came up with an idea, focused completely on our kids, that someday, will hopefully, remind them of how crazy they made us! I AM KIDDING!! we came up with an idea that we thought was smart on so many levels: time with kids, make memories with kids, kids have fun with other kids, and while the kids play the mommies get to visit about life and be understood! 🙂 we also wanted to shoot something that would have meaning for everyone who saw our images. hopefully the final images of this set make you remember something about this time of year, and your childhood.

thank you renee, for reminding me.

thank you gunnar and larkin for loving me as much as you do. i hope you know, and feel, trust, and believe how much i love you too. here’s to your youth and all of its happiness!!


and these should take you back somewhere circa this:

(sorry for the poor res; was the best i could find at the size i needed.)

thank you to my good friend and assistant, amanda, and to sandra for the rush on the sign; it was perfect!! and now has home in  my front yard!! each year i will think of you two when i pull it out. 😉

thank you again renee, for the hustle and the friendship!

gunnar and larkin, i love you both so much!

happy nostalgia inducing tuesday everyone!!!