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name this photograph please

what shall we name this picture? let’s give it a name. i am going to call it lola lu. what do you call it?

all she wanted: a sneak peek

she just. wanted. a. turn. that’s all. just a turn. but it didn’t happen and she, let him have it. more to come from a shoot with my littles…stay tuned.

best present ever: a sneak peek

 i love it when babies are born at christmas; it reminds me of the baby born on the first christmas, and that just feels special and cool to me. just a peek at a christmas baby. more to come later… happy thursday everyone!


everything is magical to her right now. she is magical to me: hope everyone is staying cozy and warm and enjoying some holiday magic. more from the home front soon; my babes have become strangers to this blog. they’ll be making a...

second annual gunnar week: days three and four

yesterday was so packed i didn’t even have time to document it. g wanted to have another play date and lunch at redbrick pizza; the play date turned into dinner at ruby’s and a slumber party. we threw a trip to the park and a nice bike ride with friends in...