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yesterday was so packed i didn’t even have time to document it. g wanted to have another play date and lunch at redbrick pizza; the play date turned into dinner at ruby’s and a slumber party. we threw a trip to the park and a nice bike ride with friends in there too. i wished for my camera during so many moments yesterday, but didn’t have it with me.

today he asked to stay at home, (“i just want to stay at home mom.” so sweet.) play with his friend, and have extra computer time. done. 🙂


and he wants me out of his face. ok. i’ll leave you alone, gun.


he is having lunch from carl’s jr. and then i am off to work so the evening of day four will be up to dad; i’m sure it will be something special. gunnar, i love you little stink face!! you are a special boy. happy gunnar week. xoxo mom