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i wouldn’t change anything about my little family. i love our dynamic, energy, and our relationships with one another, but i did love the days when we were a threesome. there was just something so, well, romantic about it. mom, dad, and baby. just something special about the odd 3. please don’t misunderstand, i love evens too, but there was something i think so fondly on about my little family of three. anyone else catch what i am trying to say? mom, dad, and baby is a great chapter in the story of a family. it’s exciting to add on, but it’s also a joy to enjoy the first.





i met jessica at my workshop in arizona. it felt like i was catching up with an old friend. there is something very calming about her; it’s so refreshing! i had been looking forward to our shoot for a long time! her family is just as endearing as she is. mellow, calm, happy, and so so smiley. and funny, you know that kind of humor that is so subtle it’s almost present but almost isn’t at the same time? that good kind of humor? they’ve got it; i loved it!!




happy anniversary too!! 😉 how was the zoo? the zoo, right?


and their baby? their 3rd member of the family? to die for! so smiley and so happy!! such a sweet little spirit!!



and so loved!


and perhaps one of my favorite “family” pictures, ever:


jessica, matt,and sophia, thanks for sharing a morning with me! i loved it!! it was good to see you jess and meet your darling family!! so happy we reconnected in sedona!! ps the yellow shoes were a perfect choice!!! 😉 may you enjoy your threesome; those are such good days!!!

pps sorry none of the red rock pictures made the cut…:)