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the week before larkin was born we decided to name gunnar week. i know it sounds silly that the week before one child’s birthday would be another child’s week, but we wanted gunnar to feel special before his little sis came and we decided it would be a cool tradition if each of our kids had there own week. larkin’s will be the week before another siblings birth (if we have another…), if there isn’t another sibling then she will get the week before gunnar’s bday. basically for one week we eat the meals, watch the shows, go to the places, and do the things that gunnar wants to do. it’s awesome actually, and it makes me stop and concentrate on him, which is important, and it makes him feel so cool!


today, for day one, gunnar wanted lunch at wendy’s and a trip to toys r us. with our bellies full of chicken nuggets and fries we came home to play with his new transformer (we also bought larkee her birthday pressies while we were there…funny how she is going crazy for babies…so interesting how those things are so inherent…) gunnar, we love you so much son. dad and i fight over who gets to put you to bed at night, read you stories, and snuggle you. we love spending time with you; YOU are that cool!! here’s to you and your week; can’t wait to see what adventures we go on…