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i am a bit of a feminist. there. i said it. it’s out there. i won’t go into all of the details or the feministic ramblings that me, myself, and i have at times, but i will tell you all this: i love it when i see women finding their niche and being just as if not more successful as men in the work place. just writing it now i get all sorts of energized and excited considering the thought of a woman making it in a man’s world.

while in arizona i had the pleasure of meeting three power-house women who are doing just that: making huge, successful waves in the world of business.





and patricia:


together they make up aka connect, a marketing and business consulting company that focuses on the architectural, construction, and engineering industry. they are, however, expanding their clientele by adding other business genres to their repertoire. their main goal is for people to connect with people (what a novel idea in our iphone/blackberry world), to unite related ideas and goals and then to  generate tangible opportunities for business expansion. They “develop core marketing strategies and then bring together the team, talent and resources to make your company successful.”

they are basically business miracle workers.

or angels, perhaps.


i am fascinated by their work actually and believe that any business, small or large, could benefit significantly from their services.

they are articulate, knowledgeable, inventive, intelligent, confident, and capable women who enjoy their work and believe in themselves and the effects of their company.

they know what they are doing. they do it well. and they enjoy themselves along the way.


the ladies of aka connect help businesses with their marketing plans by connecting them with people who are interested in their services. they write articles about the particular business and develop marketing collateral that can be sent to prospective clients. they also offer support in every arena the business might need. they are women after all; they understand the joy of work and success, but who also know what it means to nurture something and help it grow.


it was a pleasure meeting these business women. i was inspired by their drive, motivation, professionalism, and courage to make a name for themselves in the world of business.

much luck to this business and all its endeavors. i see nothing but success for aka connect and its team.


the business is located in arizona, but they have contacts outside of the state, and are looking to expand.

please contact them if you feel their services would add your company. they are talented women with much business perspicacity to share.

contact kim at or call 480.205.1233 for more information on how aka connect can help your business meet it maximum potential.