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You are lovely, beyond description.

You are chilled lemonade on a summer’s day;

Constant air conditioning set to 74 degrees;

The Nordstrom half-yearly, all year;

A true laugh;

A perfect perfume;

A comfortable sweatshirt,

The most perfect pair of Steve Madden’s,

The cherry on top,

and a magnificent goddess divine!!!!

Time with you is a treat. I hope I get to see more of you even after you graduate and move on to bigger adventures in the Big Apple!! I am so excited for you, so happy for this time in your life and what is awaiting you, so very excited for the growth you are on the brink of experiencing. I already know you love that city; I have a feeling it is going to love you too, like we all do.

You are beauty, personified!!!

May you drink in every experience that is waiting. May you freeze the moments that happen over the course of the next few months and save them forever in your happiest memory place. May you walk to the future with confidence, that greatness and success are waiting for you to reach out and take hold of them!!! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!! Much love, Kamee

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