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Doesn’t that just sound sweet? Katie and Will. Will and Katie.

I adore it.

And them.

And in 4 days they will be Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Will.

Even more adorable.

I love thinking about this on a wedding day:

To everyone else in the world it’s just a normal Saturday, or whatever day of the week it is. Laundry has to be done, beds changed, soccer games attended, played, and of course, won. Children are dropped at birthday parties, grocery lists are made and checked off, pets are taken to the dog park, bikes are ridden and then left on the grass to feel the sprinklers of the next normal day. Just normal, mundane, chores are accomplished that are required to prepare for the week. But this Saturday will always be special to Katie and Will, because it has, already been etched as theirs. Their very own day, that gets to be all. about. them. To everyone else it will be just another day, but to them, it’s the day they promise, so much, for forever.

Saturday, every year, will always be, their day!! I can’t wait to be there to celebrate their first day as a married couple! Thank you, Katie and Will, for asking me to be a part of your day; I am so looking forward to being there with you and all of your most important people! Thank you for touching my heart and make it, and me, smile! Here’s to you both!! xx KJ