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i meant to post this last night. hence the nightcap title. not sure what you drink mid-morning. for me it would be a nashville diet coke or a nashville glass of water, maybe a nashville protein shake? none of those sound nearly as good as a nashville nightcap. 😉 whatever you are drinking right now may it only be enhanced by the sneak peek  you are about to see.

i get incredibly attached to things and people. the attachment usually happens quickly and then i feel like i add new things and people to my list of healthy habits. i get incredibly homesick for my new attachments when i don’t see them regularly. it’s odd. i feel a sudden fulfillment and then an immediate void when i have to leave or they do. this is how i am feeling now about nashville and all of my experiences there. i loved it so much. not sure what’s not to love: down-home hospitality, fried food in any genre, great fashion, accents i could listen to all day, and good kind-hearted people who legitimately are interested in me.

i miss my friend kellie. miss the laughs and empathy we have for one another. i miss her kind heart and sincerity. so glad we were able to spend a day together doing two things we love: shooting and discovering the perfect baked good!!


she and i got out on an adventure friday. we found some great finds:

i bought a pair of red cowboy boots. similar to these. these were the other option. they were $350. my friend julie says you should only buy boots that expensive if plan to sleep in them or if they are made of extinct ostrich. i went for a less expensive pair made from goat.

i am homesick for the fried food, and currently back on the detox, but while away it’s compulsory to eat fried food, especially while in the south. you just have too. you must. or you are ostracized and shunned, and i just couldn’t have that happen to me while away, so i indulged in the most incredible things ever: fried green tomatoes and fried pickles!!!

i miss the textures, local color, and sounds of nashville. i miss courtney, a former student. it was so good to see her and catch up on her latest! she made me smile, like she always did, and she made me homesick for my days in the classroom!!

i miss these two. i only met them on saturday but feel that we have been friends for a lifetime. the kind of friends that have lunch on a regular basis and meet up for a quick treat or chat whenever our schedules allow. i love it when strangers feel like kin. jordana and trent are those people to me. i also loved how willing they were to make themselves vulnerable to us and to share their relationship so wholeheartedly with three strangers. i am in love with the images we shot; i can’t wait for you to see more!!

we had a small shoot with them in the am and then when the light was just right we met up for a stylized shoot in the incredible fields (i miss those two) of franklin, tennessee. the shoot was stylized by the talented and effervescent amy lynn larwig. i am already missing the emails she would send in regards to the shoot. she is sunshine, personified. if you are in the nashville area and need any styling needs, amy is your go to. she will make you feel like family in less than 2 seconds.

just a few for now from the poet and the muse:

i also miss a friend i have been admiring for months now. we finally got to meet in person; she was so textured and interesting to me that i felt an immediate loss when we had to say goodbye!! nicole is the author of the photographer diaries. you must read and keep up with her, her work, and many other creatives there! she was charming! true to all things southern. 😉

and, i’m getting a little emotional even right now, but i miss the two incredibly talented and inspiring photographers and now friends, that i went to that rad city to meet in the first place!! i feel so homesick for my new friends! we made immediate connections on so many levels: photography, family, teaching, relationships, diet coke…the list goes on! i miss you both! thank you, from my heart, for having me, for the experience, and for touching my life with your spirits and talents!! so happy to have met!!

you must check out and add chesley and rebecca to your google readers. they are true artists and i am so happy they are my friends!!

to all y’all, i miss you! you are my new habits and i just can’t quit you!!! (that sounds like the making a great country song…:))

thank you again, for having me!! more from my trip soon…love to y’all!! xoxox kj