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we have made it thru two days of first grade. so far, so good.

my shy guy is going to be just fine, i know it!

i had to write this story down so i didn’t forget it and so i could tease him about it when he is a big shot doctor, lawyer, pharmaceutical rep, or front man for the new u2.

several weeks ago my good friend, april, asked gunnar if he would be interested in a summer job. he got excited knowing the job equals a little bit of cha-ching! april is going on vacaton next week and she asked him if he would mind taking care of her cats while she is away. he consented to the offer and walked a bit taller for a few days knowing he had landed himself some good honest work. 😉

jump ahead to sunday night. gunnar had some concerns about starting school. his worry started to spiral and he decided he just couldn’t handle the pressures of first grade.

“i guess you can drop out, gun. you could be the first first grade drop out.”

“yeah, that’s what i want to do: drop out! i don’t want to go to school.”

“well, alright, but you need to consider your future. what will you do with yourself if you don’t know how to read super, ultra well? how will you get a job if you have only been to kindergarden?”

“MOM!!!! what do you mean? i have a job, REMEMBER? i’m watching april’s cat!!!!!”

‘nuf said. he was right. he has a job. my son, the first grade drop-out cat watcher. all my dreams for his future have come true. and in record time, too. 😉

luckily enough the drop-out topic hasn’t come up again. we’ll just sweep that idea under the rug, as it never really was an option in the first place.

hope that made you smile. kids are good stuff.

off to bed, gotta be up for day three!!