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this will conclude my mini posts for my mini holiday sessions with the stroller strider families. i enjoyed myself so much and hope to have more opportunities to spend time with these women, their children, and their families. thanks again for the opportunity; you are all such beautiful and wonderful people.

that also means this is the last chance to enter my giveaway. you enter by leaving some love in the comment section. the first person to comment automatically goes in, then i will draw someone at random to go in the mix as well. i will not accept any more names after i post something new, so get your comments in; things are rolling pretty fast on the ole’ blog these days!! i plan to choose a winner and post all the spoils this weekend!! i can’t wait to share what’s been up my sleeve.

i also can’t wait to share these.

another edible child. and his disposition is just as edible as his sweet appearance. 


his entire family was to die for actually. photographing them was an absolute pleasure. they love each other so much and it was sweet to be a part of that, even for just a moment.


maybe my favorite? i don’t know, it was so hard to choose with this little team, they are just so adorable together and so photogenic and in the moment.


this couldn’t be more perfect. it shares so much about two people who are so in love:


and to finish it off a little sister


so, so loved by two brothers.


it’s always interesting to watch kids interact with each other. these two brothers were duking it out at who got to be closest to baby sister. 

everyone had a chance to be close to her in the end.



i hope they stay this close; little sisters need big brothers to watch out for them, and offer a shoulder when things get all dramatic and tough. 😉


to all the stroller striders, may your holidays be blessed and filled with family, friends, and fond memories. thank you a thousand times over for inviting me to be a part of your celebrations this year. hope to see you in the spring with some little chicks and maybe a few bunnies.

much love, kj

GO GO GO!! Make your comments! This is your last chance! 😉