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when gunnar was little, i used to, like most mommies, give him kisses at bedtime. (i still give him kisses; i kiss him whenever i can.) after reading innumerable stories, and squezzing his cute little frame i would lean into his darling face and say, “eskimo kisses?” then we would eskimo kiss. “butterfly kisses?” i would flutter my lashes on his cheeks, provoking a giggle seared to my memory. and then i would say, “mommy kisses!!!!!!” and i would smoother his face, cheeks, head, and lips with mommy kisses. i hope it made him feel special and loved.

i hope he feels special and loved every. single. day.

i hope that home, jaren and i, are always safety for our kids. i hope they grow up knowing we are their major defenders, protectors, and dream builders. i hope they always feel understood and accepted. and i hope gunnar always lets me kiss him.

the love a parent feels for a child is untranslatable. to really understand that capacity to love you have to have children. until then it can only be observed. it can still be a powerful experience, one that leaves and indelible mark on your memory.



carlos and sandra are making a home for their children based on love, respect, compassion, and joy. they were a pleasure to photograph and spend a little time with. i also love how their relationships and the love they have for one another translates to portraiture. 

this is what loving a child looks like:





this is what being loved looks like:





i think it’s so neat to see daughters with strong relationships with their fathers. it’s so important and so endearing to see daddy’s that fall in love for a second time with their little girls.

how could you not fall in love with this one?


carlos was super playful with her; it was easy to see she felt so safe with him. the first guy to break this little lady’s heart might be broken in half himself by lena’s daddy! 😉


and sweet baby antonio. such a gift to this family and this life. what mellow looks like:


some love from me to sandra; this was the image she really wanted:


and a few more of a love-ly family.



this is what mommy and daddy kisses look like:


sandra, carlos, lena, and antonio, may you always be as close to each other as you were the day we took these photographs. may you always be willing to give kisses, in any form, and in any numeric amount! 😉 may you know i think you are outstanding parents doing the best you can to raise and love your children.

thank you for the opportunity to photograph such sweet moments. xoxo kj


ps the giveaway drawing is officially closed. i will be selecting our winner and showcasing the spoils this weekend. thanks to everyone who left some love. it was fun “meeting” some blog readers. thanks for leaving some love and encouragement; i appreciate you all so much!! happy friday! cheers, kj