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my sister has a green thumb. everything she plants produces life, color, and beauty. she learned a lot of what she knows from our parents who are equally as gifted at cultivating the earth and producing, well, stuff.

i am the adopted child in terms of gardening, and planting anything that needs to grow and flourish.

last summer when we decided to plant a garden and some flowers i was a bit apprehensive because i wanted to be successful at it, and was nervous i was going to fail gloriously. i didn’t fail too bad. we had tomatoes and other fresh produce, but my flowers, with the exception of one species, all gave way to the sun. oh, ok, and to my lack of watering abilities. the flowers that pushed through my mal-treatment and the elements were the marigolds: gunnar’s choice.

so this year, that’s all i decided we would plant, gunnar’s choice. when i told my dad i wanted to plant something hearty and still aesthetic and that i wanted to go with marigolds, he said, “YES! that’s a fantastic idea. the marigold will be perfect!” translation: “YES! kamee will not be able to harm this plant!” 🙂

i spent the morning working in my front yard with my dad yesterday. i am a little emotional thinking about it. he is such a good man with a heart the size of this world! he gives so much of himself to everyone he knows and loves and is so innocent, kind, and good. he loves my mom and my sister and me more than anything else and we know it because he shows us. yesterday he planted me flowers, because he loves me. i love him too. so glad we were able to spend time together. it’s these moments that last and are etched in my heart forever.

i will always associate the marigold with my son, who is a gift, and my father, who is a treasure.




baby was there for a bit too. she, like her mom, has a mis-guided interpretation of planting. she thinks paint makes a great fertilizer. 🙂



we finished up later in the afternoon with the help of grandma (another excellent gardner, nurturer of all things requiring love, shoulder to lean and cry on, and tremendous source of strength and understanding), gunnar, a over-water-er, and baby, the biggest weed, growing before my eyes, in my garden.


so thankful for my parents and their willingness to come and be with my babies while i was away. also, so grateful for all the love and warmth they always give me and my family.

love you mom and dad. thank you for cultivating a beautiful garden for me in my youth and life and for continually showing me a showering of love!! love you both. the house feels empty without you!!

ps i am going to try and blog something small each day, with the exception of sundays; i gotta rest a bit one day…;)