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last week someone at this big conference i attended said, “this gig is about hard work, sacrifice, and discipline.” that struck a cord. it’s so true. anything we want to be good at requires those three components. it also requires a lot of understanding, compassion, and sometimes forgiveness from the people who are a part of your life.


i had a shoot scheduled a long time ago, before we got the t-ball schedule. it couldn’t be rearranged so i had to miss out on the opening t-ball game. jaren said, “kam, it’s going to happen. there will be other games. what matters is that one of us is always there.” my heart hurt a bit; i was sad to miss it. i made a big deal about the game when i got home and asked for a play by play. it was cool to hear gun talk about how excited he was to be a part of a team and share his big league chew at the end. 😉 i will be to the next one, for sure.


my little boy is a constant flow of motion. from the second he wakes up in the morning to the second he hits the pillow at night. he needs entertainment, activity, and people. he loves people which is so interesting that he would be struggling right now with some anxieties. this little boy and his spirit have been weighing on my heart lately. as parents we just want our kids to grow up to be well-rounded and well-adapted people who are comfortable in their own skins. so interesting to me how every one is so different and requires so many different needs. gunnar, right now, just needs extra love and reassurance.

sometimes i wish my children had come with a user’s manual. 😉

i just want my babies to know that even though i might not be at the every t-ball game, i will always be here for all the things that matter most.

gunnar, you are my boy wonder. everything you do and say is wonderful to me! except the poop talk, that’s not always so wonderful, but the mouth and mind that said it are!! i love you son; i am here for you. always. mom