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I have been trying to teach my children this season to feel more gratitude for the “presents” we enjoy each day of the year in the form of people we meet and friendships we cultivate. They might not really understand the lesson until they are teaching it to their own kids, but I will keep telling them, and hopefully showing them the importance of friendship, surrounding yourself with people who take you to higher ground, that fill your lungs with fresh air daily, or when asked for an extra dose, and being that person to others, in return. A good friend is one of life’s greatest gifts. I thank Heaven, especially at this time, for all of mine!!

Grateful, particularly, for this friend, for the opportunity to watch our families grow together, grateful to know that she is as true as the sun is to the moon.

So thankful for another year of friendship, memories, milestones, and touch points! Thank you for filling my lungs with laughter and love; I am grateful for you Amanda!!


Happy Holidays, Amanda! So thankful for all the pretty “snow” you make and add to my life!!! xxx