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I speak with brides often in terms of their wedding day dreams: dress, shoes, venue, food, theme, ambiance, favors, over all celebration, etc. Of course the price tag attached with it all comes up. It is a daunting process, all of it and can be a lot to take in when planning one of the most important day of your life! Regardless of the budget or different desired elements brides have allotted for the day of their dreams there is one commonality all brides share: it needs to be the day dreams are made of, the day of days, the perfect of all perfection,

Julie and Alex’s wedding visits me in my dreams often. Reviewing their images for this post reminded me of reading my favorite poets and prose, of traveling to my happiest destination, of being with, although many of them friends for just minutes, true friends and loved ones, and most importantly it encompassed the feelings of being surrounded by love, acceptance, and particularly a bride and groom who see your true heart, and love your true spirit.

Julie and Alex, being a part of your wedding day was one of my most favorite days of shooting. Thank you for having me there; thank you for treating me like family; thank you for sharing in these moments that I hope always spark nostalgia and hug your heart!!!

Their wedding was so filled with SO many pretty things and so much pretty emotion and two really pretty-beautiful and really prettily in love that their wedding will have a couple of posts.

Stayed tuned for part two, in the meantime, prepare yourself to be as enchanted with it all as I am:

Julie, If we lived in Arizona I would require to see you weekly!! 😉 You are a non-parralled zest!!

Wait until you see her dapper groom; you will be as smitten as I am. Such a gentleman on every level!

Julie and Alex, it is apparent that I adore you both!!! I am smiling think on everything that you two are! So happy to have been a part of this! So happy to finally be sharing such a gorgeous, timeless, glamorous, Palm Springs, prefectly perfect day!!!! So happy to have been there!!! More soon! xx Kam