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“so tell me about the bridal party.”

“you are looking at it.”


“and at the reception, everything will be standard: first dance, cake cutting, garter, bouquet, big dinner…”

“nope. just us and all the people who love us, and a few treats.”

“I LOVE THAT TOO, SO MUCH!” (i wasn’t shouting it, like the caps make it appear :), just emphasizing how much i love this idea…a wedding doesn’t have to be lavish and extreme to be the most beautiful day in your life. i really do feel that some of life’s most beautiful moments are the uncomplicated and unornamented ones.)

this wedding is going to be incredible because of its simplicity. but i love that the focus of the day and all of its celebrating will be on them. they are the major detail; they are the cake cutting; the bridal party, the toasts, the bouquet flying through the air; they are the reason time will stand still on may 28th, and they should be, because nothing else will matter that day except, them.


these two are effortlessly in love:







they will expect much out of each other in terms of commitement, loyalty, and respect, but their ways of showing love and affection will always be simplistic: a little love note, a favorite treat left in her purse, a call on a lunch break, doing a chore without being asked, a hug when he walks through the door; something so little that communicates so much and resonates the simplistic beauty of something so complicated as love.





these next two make me smile…and feel happy…and glad to have met rachael and jeff…



they will always appreciate the simplicity of a night in, a gift card instead of flowers, a pop-kiss goodnight, snuggling on the couch while reading their favorite magazines, or a walk in the fading sun at the end of a day, saying nothing, but feeling everything…








life and its moments pass way to quickly to not take advantage of the simplicity that sits waiting each day to be enjoyed. these two get that, and it inspires me:


in the middle of our shoot rachael and jeff were approached by an elderly couple walking hand in hand towards something. in no rush to reach their destination they casually walked across one of our frames then stopped to talk. it was sweet to see the juxtaposition of fresh love with wise love. they shared some advice, most of it standard (don’t go to be mad, etc.), but the most poignant piece of advice came as they were shuffling away: “tell each other, you love each other, every day.”

the most simple thing you can do, and for sure the most imporant and beautiful is to tell those you love, who are closest to your heart, that you love them. every. single. day.

i know these two have a love for the other that transcends the boundaries of their hearts. i know they simply share it, and i also know that other’s feel it and are inspired by it!!


rachael and jeff, i can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day! it is going to be perfect because it’s main ingredient will be the two of you! may you always feel the love and passion you have for each other that is present today when you are shuffling through another couples engagement pictures :), and may it grow to levels you didn’t know you could feel!!

here’s to you and the beautiful simplicity waiting to happen on may 28th! much love, kj