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i love high school, really, i do. i loved being in it and worked really hard to get through college to go back to it. i miss the classroom; at times i get super nostalgic for it and out of nowhere will feel this sudden pang of longing; it’s weird, i know, but how i feel. when seniors contact me to take their senior portraits feel super excited to have opportunity to spend time with the age and stage for which i have an affinity.


i wrote innumerable letters of recommendation when i was teaching. the greatest compliment i could give several of these students was that i wanted my son (we only had gunnar at the time) to grow up to be just like the individual i was writing the letter for. i know all of jessica’s teachers, advisors, and counselors would echo my sentiment. i spent two hours with her, but finished our session feeling that my future, and the future of my children is safe with her.

she’s leaving high school in a few months, jumping from the nest, free falling…

i thought of tom petty’s song while i was editing her images…so much of it’s lyrical emotion is perfect for her…

“she’s a good girl, loves her mama






loves jesus and america too…




she’s a good girl, crazy ’bout elvis (and taylor swift and that other band you told me about ;)),

loves horses and her boyfriend too…




….i wanna write her, name in the sky…”




soon she will be free falling from the security of a safe nest, but she is prepared to take flight, and i know she will. her future is so bright, just like her!!

jessica, may you enjoy your last few moments in high school. may you drink in the sights and sounds of the hall during passing period, the elation of a good grade, the teacher that made a difference, the true friends you made, and all the accomplishments you worked so hard for. may you know and believe that great things are waiting for you. may you feel prepared for what awaits. now step. step outside the nest and catch your wind of opportunity and fly…

i am hugging you, wishing you the best, and getting emotional thinking of your graduation day!! 🙂

thank you for the opporunity to photograph beautiful YOU at this monumental time in your life!! here’s to you and the incredible chapter of high school!!

IMG_3058jblog raeann, this one’s for you…no crying now…;) alright then, someone pass her a kleenex; she’s going to need it… she might need several until jess makes it through her first semester of college! ;)(you know i think you are wonderful and such an incredible parent and friend; i loved meeting and spending time with you too!!!)


love and congratulations to you all, kj