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we all are going to see dead people at the oct 13th side kick.


alright, katrina is going to style our models to be fashionable, well, “ghosts”. this could potentially be some of the best stuff you have ever shot.

come. it’s going to be spooky in a really awakening way!! 😉

kat and i made a visit to our venue, just to check it out.

it couldn’t be more perfect.


side kick topic: composition

when: october 13th, 2010 300-630pm. we will meet for the instruction section and then we will be shooting by around 430ish-until the sun sets or we get too scared and have to leave!!!

we’ll discuss what makes an image visually interesting and how to achieve those concepts through effective use of foreground elements, different angles, patterns, colors, symmetry,  lines, depth of field, perspective, negative space, etc. i’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to create distinctive and visually aesthetic images. i will also share how to make a seemingly boring or cliche location work in terms of composition choices.

where: back flipping over the location. it’s in corona and i’m pretty sure it’s haunted.

it’s a carriage house built in 1893. the majority of its exterior and interior are the original structure (you will die, pun intended, over the interior.):


how much: $195.00 (your side kick pass includes: instruction time, a fully stylized shoot to help you build your portfolio, and a few goodies to take home. we will be eating together afterwards, but dinner is not included in your tuition.)

jump on this one. the experience and what you will create will be worth it!!!


shaking my head at how cool it’s going to be!! hope you can make it, unless you’re too scared…:)

join us.

oct 3 side kick: compostion

this one we can not explain. katrina took all of these with her blackberry.

we weren’t alone. that’s for sure.

we are going to haunt it with human “ghosts”, but there is something already there…


don’t miss this! it’s going to be out of this world. ps there is safety in numbers!! 🙂