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i was looking at her through my lens and then what i was thinking came out as an audible thought: she is so pretty; i hope manny tells her that all the time.

“she’s so pretty manny; i hope you tell her that.”

“i do. every day. in fact, that’s my nickname for her.”

everything about me smiled. then i started thinking about their conversations:

how are you today, pretty?

where shall we go today, pretty?

how are you feeling, pretty?

everything about you is so pretty, pretty.

will you be having your beer with or without a straw, most pretty, pretty! 😉

hi there, pretty!

she is pretty. together they are pretty. everything about them is so so pretty.

i feel profoundly grateful for the opportunity i have to mingle with love, every single day. it reminds me just how pretty we all are, and how tangibly beautiful we are when we are in love.

ali, may you know, believe, feel, and see how truly pretty you are. manny, may you always remind her. there couldn’t be a more suitable nickname! as for you: red; it’s gotta be red! 😉 much love to you both! so excited for july!! cheers pretties, kj