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these two have a reason to smile.

they have a reason to laugh.

and a reason to celebrate!

they found each other in this big big world and soon will be starting their own world together!!

i’m smiling for them too!!

more from kiley and danny’s engagement soon! can’t wait for their seattle wedding next month!! we might be under umbrella’s, even if we are, i know we’ll be smiling!!

stephanie sears you have a reason to smile too! you won the sandbucket giveaway!!! hooray! sandi will be in touch later with your digital download of the inagural issue, and you can email me whenever you are ready for your complimentary shoot!! excited to hear from you! congratulations and thanks to everyone for leaving a comment and being a part of the giveaway!!

congrats stephanie and kiley and danny!! excited for you all!! happy monday; keep smiling! cheers, kj