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a long time ago, during one of the favorite chapters of my life: college, i was faced with a difficult decision. no matter what i tried i couldn’t find clarity. no matter what i did or who i sought for counsel i still found myself completely befuddled. my dear friend and roommate told me that when she was feeling similarly she would leave town, ditch it all, and head for her family’s cabin in the mountains. she generously invited me to go away for the weekend to seek solace in nature.

the farther we drove from the abysmal confusion, the clearer my head felt. the cleaner the air my lungs inhaled the sharper my vision. it was profoundly refreshing. we hiked, played cards, ate, slept, laughed-big belly laughs, and talked while listening to my all time favorite sound: water running over rocks.

i packed up from the weekend away acutely aware of the gift of nature.

the closer we got to campus the sick pit of fear, worry, and concern began to reemerge, but the conviction of knowing exactly what to do  held my hand tightly as i wrestled with the choice and finally made a decision that would change my life forever.

i still find a significant respite in nature. i don’t go as often as i would like, but am so glad when i do visit and drink in the clean, fresh energy it holds for me.

lately i have been wishing for some nature. some time alone in it. i LOVE my life and all of its levels, but have been considering the pieces of it that make me, me and how i never want to lose sight of that person. i wanted to shoot something that reminded me of this. something that combined nature with an action that calms the uptight, loosens the on-edge, and pacifies the anxious.

much like my roommate of years ago, i am grateful today for a neighbor, who has become my very good friend. she is like a piece of nature personified. when i was thinking of this concept i thought immediately of her, her love to be outside, on the water with her man, just the two of them, and the sea, and whatever might swim into their nets that day.

may this post bring you some level of calm today. may it inspire you to seek nature, or to just get out and get moving in it. chase your kids on the front lawn and see what shapes you find in the billowy heavens. may you all, metaphorically, go fishin’!

may you catch whatever you are fishing for today. and may you catch it abundantly!!!

thank you to my friend april, for being up for ANYTHING. ANYTIME. ANYPLACE. and for being so true and loyal!!

to jessica for styling our shoot; you too are a breath of fresh air!! grateful for you!!