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this month’s muse came from a few song lyrics, and, well, the side of a worn out wall.

just a few lines from round here by the counting crows

step out the front door like a ghost

into the fog where no one notices

the contrast of white on white

and inbetween the moon and you

the angels get a better view

of the crumbling difference between wrong and right

i walk in the air between the rain

through myself and back again


maria says she dying

through the door i hear her crying


round here we always stand up straight

round here something radiates…

thank you to avery for being our most willing and most beautiful model (and for gatering all the white wardrobe).

to katrina for avery’s hair and make up.

and to brianna and brooke for shootin’ and hangin’ with us!! was so much fun!!!

click here to follow the fine art circle for this month! i am sure you will be inspired by what tamara of from the tree top has created!!!

happy musing everyone! may you find inspiration at every turn!!