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i have had a facebook account for a while but just haven’t used it that much since it sucks away at my time; i don’t have much discretionary time these days; however, after a chat with a super saavy business woman and friend she suggested i spread my wings a bit and start a kamee june photography fan page on facebook. so i did. next time you are facebook-ing search for kamee june photography (or just double click on the facebook link at the top of the page) and become a fan. it is going to be good and i promise to update it regularly, have some cool discussions, answer some of the faq’s that i get in emails, etc. i might even have a few giveaways. anyways, just wanted to give you something else to help add to whatever is sucking away at your time. 😉

happy time sucking…i mean happy facebook-ing! 😉

and a sneak peek of something pretty that is covering my desktop in photoshop right now…