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i have a folder on my desktop called, “pictures to blog”. it contains all the pictures of my kids that need to be edited, blogged, printed, and then slipped into their albums. well, that is what happens in an ideal world. needless to say, it is full. i am so far behind on so many things. i thought it was time though to give some blogger love to my littles, and do a little catch up.


age: 4

thinks he: is a transformer

likes: corn-dogs for breakfast, top 20 music (he knows most of the words to my favorite songs. he really likes the ting tings, that’s not my name.); to pretend that i am every disney character under the sun(i pretend to be the characters, he tells me what to say, and that is about it. he really likes it when i am cinderella; he likes to talk to the mice. then he switches my character on me, and he wants me to be sleeping beauty, then he shoots me with a pretend gun and tells me to become little mermaid; it gets exhausting after awhile.); so you think you can dance (he kind of has to watch it since it is my favorite…i think he likes it because he gets to stay up late), and he also loves his friends and wants to have them over all the time.(and i really love his friends because then i don’t have a barnical attached to me all day); he really likes to talk about poop and pee. (jaren came home the other day and reported that one of the guys at work told everyone a story in the trailer about said like. apparently the topic, for guys, never gets old.)

he would swim all day long if i let him. is learning to ride a bike. loves cotton candy ice cream. squeezes the poop (yes i said it) out of his sister. and has a really uncanny sense of smell. 

he likes to play this game similar to hide and seek. only you stay where you are and count and he hides, right in front of your face. he loves it. whatever.


he’s silly, and says stuff like, “mom, your a doo-doo boo-boo sauss-sauss boo baass.” then he laughs. hard. like it is open mic night at the apollo and he is the hottest no-name in the place.

(left the food on his teeth and the milk on his mouth, because that’s funny, and him.)


sometimes out of nowhere he just hits his head because he thinks that is funny too. again, whatever.


we went on a gondola ride with our neighbors a few months ago. if we closed our eyes it would have felt like italy. sort of. (the injury resulting in a bandaid-ed forehead was traumatic. so traumatic i don’t remember what it was. that means it probably was a bump or a scratch or  maybe he hit himself on the head a little too hard…something that could only be healed by covering the gashing and bloody wound. if he tells me he needs a band-aid, and it will stop the crying, i get him a band-aid. i am all about pleasing the people.)


gunnar, who has a bladder of double-titanium steel, told us 3/4 of the way that he needed to go to the bathroom. we were in the middle of the canal. just then baby started crying and couldn’t be appeased. so gunnar relieved himself over the edge and i breast feed baby (i am not the most graceful at that and she was starting to get big so it was really awkward. we were covered by the way.) in the back of the gondola.

stay classy huntington beach, stay classy.


he is a smart kid. remembers everything (which is scary). and if you stink he will tell you so.



age: 9 months

thinks she: owns the place and is the boss of me

likes: to poo in her pants (her brother thinks that is hysterical), her milk on the rocks, deep philosophical conversations about the state of the union, to quote shakespearean sonnets, long massages after a warm bath, chew toys dipped in chocolate, boys named carson and preston and her big brother’s bff, caden, etsy shopping for jewelry, and long army crawl walks on the beach

she has read the entire encyclopedia britannica a-z. twice. harvard has called; they are offering a full-ride. 

she has her dad whipped. if she asked him to build her winter, spring, summer and fall playhouses, he would. and they would all be decorated perfectly, to her liking.




her brother is fond of her too, except when she smells like stinky cheese. (two things he hates, stink and cheese. who hates cheese? that’s just un-american.)


if you could eat giggles, hers would stop world hunger.


she is edible.

if you ever meet her i will let you have a nibble.


she can have some attitude too, but i love it.


she has transformed from rotten infant to sublime child. she’s pretty too. good thing. we might have sold her a long time ago if she wasn’t so pretty.


i can’t wait until she starts talking; i really want to know what she thinks of carrying those cheeks around all day…

(this was taken a few months ago before her hair came in…)


and here’s proof that it happened. still feeling so relieved to be done with grad school. jaren is considering an mba. i support him wholeheartedly, but i kind of get a little throw-up in the back of my mouth when i think of what he is embarking on. to much information? let that be a vibrant illustration of how happy i am to be finished and on this end of things…not his. but j, you can do it, and you will feel so accomplished when you are done, and i support you, and can help you with mean, medium, and mode…(those of you who know me are laughing right now. i am the most right-brained person alive. jaren and kim (my sis-in-law) had to practically spoon feed me my semester of mean, medium, and mode. i avoid numbers and math like the black plague.)

my brother-in-law took these. thanks jonathan for working the camera. that’s my mom in the background giving the “you did it”!



i think my kids and my man are just happy to have their mom/wife back. sort of. mac, my other man, has taken up the time that grad school used to occupy.




i hope my kids go to college one day. and if they decide to be models, in rock bands, or truck drivers, i will support those decisions too. i will especially support the decision to be ceo’s of multi-million dollar corporations. i’m just saying that would be nice.


thanks to my family for making the trek and for supporting:

my sweet dad. he is so tender. he cries when i call him to check in on saturdays. you can image the flood created at my grad-school graduation. it is really so sweet and endearing.


and my nieces who are no strangers to this blog:


the fourth was great; it ended with a bang. (pun totally intended)

my birthday is coming in a few weeks. i want this. jaren is taking donations.

jaren just came and told me he was going to pull the plug on mac. i better go. 

p.s. some cool stuff coming…i am working on some really neat shoots from utah, i have a shoot scheduled with a sailboat on monday, laura and david’s wedding (so excited), and then a really busy august with my summer writing program (i help seniors write their college application essays. i still have space if you know of anyone who needs a bit of extra help), and some really exciting shoots with people i can’t wait to meet, a trip to az to see family and do some shooting, hopefully a little family vacation, hopefully…it is all going turbo speed too…that’s how we roll.

i will blog more often. i will blog more often. i will blog more often. i will buy more shoes. i will buy more shoes. wait…i mean, i will be productive and blog more often and not spend money on beautiful new shoes. i will blog more often. i will go and be with my family before jaren takes a bat to mac…