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just a few from friday’s side kick on light.


thank you’s also go to:

our “will do anything, get you anything” totally phenomenal stylist: katrina

our “so beautiful and in love- they are an envy” models: vince and ashley

the inland empire film commission for allowing us to shoot on state property

the hidden valley wildlife area associated with riverside county parks

my “always so helpful and happy” assistant amanda for being on call

and to everyone who came, i am so glad you did. i loved meeting you and spending and evening enjoying the heartbeat of photography together!!!thank you again to everyone for coming out. i know so many of you had to travel distances; i am grateful you came!! here’s to our paths crossing again!

we had some very pretty people mingled with pretty light:





a motorcycle:



and a horse, of course. 😉




more soon!!

thanks again to everyone who was there; it was fun watching a sunset together!

next week’s side kick is a how to: how to shoot a family. a couple of spots have opened up. if you are interested let me know via email! (renee and kristy? you two in? agnes? :))

i loved last friday so much; can’t wait for this coming! and october’s sidekicks??? just wait…