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baby ruby is 9 months old.


so interesting to consider i knew her before she really was.

IMG_4449rubsblog and now look at her. edible. (stop, joy! no licking the screen!! ;))


i have created a friendship with ruby’s mom that is really special to me.


i am smiling thinking about her and i am grateful she is a part of my life, because she is one of those friends who understands before you even say it. i don’t see her as often as i would like because we are both spinning in work and family circles, but when we do connect i leave feeling refreshed.

amy will remember what life was like with baby ruby at 9 months and she will tell her, but ruby will need to know what an incredible mother she has; i hope this letter will help her remember.


dear ruby,

i believe that certain people come into our lives at certain times for certain purposes, because we need them for certain things. people ebb and flow like the tide, coming and going. some leave small traces of impact and then wash out quickly while others stay constant, true, and loyal just like the heart beat of the earth. your mom is constant. she is true. and she is fiercely loyal, to her people. especially you, your sister, and your dad. your mom will always be there, and she will always be a safe place for you. she will tell you how it is ;), but she will always protect you, defend you, and unconditionally love every part of who you are. your birth completed so much of her heart; remind her to tell you your story!





your mom will understand you. you won’t have to say much and she will just “get it”. you will be shown so much compassion and understanding. talk to her about what happens in your life; she will be your truest friend and confidant. she will also make you laugh, but you already know that. you have grown up with a house of laughter. may you be as jovial as your mom, as witty as her too. she catches a punchline like no other and can tag on to it like she belongs at stand-up night! appreciate her humor, it will relieve some of your saddest moments. it is for sure a gun in her holster to shoot away the blues.

she hears and really listens. she listened patiently to your cries for the first few months of your life and has listened since to your first words, first stories, and first dramas. listen back when she tells you something, because she is wise. she will give you suggestions and counsel that are valid. she knows what she is talking about, because in some indescribable way she has lived similar experiences of your life: crushes, first loves, heart breaks, fear of the unknown, rejection, and most importantly, joy.





she is generous. i have been touched on occasion by what she has done for me in word and deed. your mom will do little things for you always; be grateful. that’s her showing you that you matter to her and that you are a significant part of the family!

you look like your daddy, but your spirit is from your mommy! you smile and are content, happy to be present with people you love!

your mom came in with the tide of my life a few years ago, and i am so happy she did. i am grateful for her friendship and influence in my life.

you are lucky to have her; she is lucky to have you, sweet girl.

may you always feel the love she has for you now and always. may all of us who have been able to watch you grow, on some level, be reminded of the gift you are and the incredible family you come from.

may your heart always be as happy as it was when you were 9 months old.

love to you and your mom, kamee june











amy, thank you. i am grateful for you. kamee